Bulk Cargo Services


Our company involved in discharging, packing and delivery of Bulk Cargo since 1988. The huge volume of the bulk cargo is from loose fertilizer. We had achieved a record of some 400,000.00 m/t in year 2008.

We provide complete service for bulk fertilizer handling as follows:-

  1. Forwarding & custom declaration
  2. Equipments handling at ship and wharf
  3. Lorry discharging from Ship side
  4. Equipment handling & Packing at warehouse
  5. Delivery to estate for bag cargo

We possess a fleet of dump truck lorries, equipments and experience personnel that enable us to handle 3 shipments simultaneously at difference port location, i.e Tawau, Sandakan and Lahad.

We provide ample lorries to deliver the bag fertilizer to various estate within Sabah.